02 August 2013

Friday miscellany

I've been going to pub quiz night at my local since it started back in June. My team has come in first or second place every week. There's a lot of random stuff, like "how tall is the Statue of Liberty?" and movies and 60s band trivia. The guy running it is from England, so he tries to make it hard. Mean.

Pacific Rim was awesome. It's giant robots smashing giant monsters. The dialogue won't win any awards, and there are a few questionable things (no, your nuclear-powered robot isn't analog if you're using all those fancy electronic things...), but it was big and fun and MAKO MORI and the little bulldog and STACKER PENTECOST.

Progress on the current novel continues apace, even if it's mostly glacial. I'm at the point where I mostly handwaved a lot in my outline, so I need to figure things out. Don't wanna.

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